We have a variety of ways to work with you. Maybe you have already started using things you’ve seen from our posts and want more specific instructions. Maybe you like what you see but don’t know where to start on your own. Maybe you are doing great on your own but want help with a specific goal or upcoming event. Continue reading to learn more about our program options.

Superhero Field Training


Superhero Field Training is a weekly group fitness class that lets you burn a sweat, have some fun, and prepare to fight evil in a lighthearted environment. Be your own training montage, without needing Bruce Wayne’s income! Exercises mimic movements and skills needed for any rooftop patrol or goon fight. The class is accessible to all fitness levels. Anything can be modified to keep you safe. The class is Sundays at 2pm, at Dynamic Strength + Performance, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, at the Tennessee School For The Bind.

Superhero Field Training features:

  • No commitment.
  • $5 drop in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • $10 drop in on Sundays.
  • Paying only when you stop by.
  • High energy social environment.
  • Social accountability.
  • The option to train with your friends.

Solo Training


Solo training is one on one personal training. You get fully customized workouts that are tailored to your specific goals, strengths, and limitations. Solo Training is a monthly membership without a contract so you can adjust your sessions to fit your schedule or budget. 

Membership Package Options:

  • 4 Sessions (once a week) = $200
  • 8 Sessions (twice a week) = $300

Solo Training packages include:

  • Hour long sessions.
  • Daily and/or weekly homework for between sessions.
  • Quarterly progress assessments.
  • FREE UNLIMITED drop in to all Superhero Field Training classes.

It’s incredible how the benefits of a weekly personal training session can carry through the entire week. Julian takes you beyond the session, helping you to be an everyday superhero in your everyday life. I saw results within weeks and feel my entire lifestyle has benefited from the Everyday Superhero mindset.”- Ashley Deets Reed

Online Training


Try our Starter Pack Challenge for FREE!! Use this 30 day challenge to get a jump start on your new year’s resolution.

Email us for details or to sign up!

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