The Team



Julian is a NFPT and NASM certified trainer, blog contributor, and resident superhero. 

Julian grew up playing sports and staying active, but it was his desire to become as batman like as possible that led him to try martial arts, and then training.

Training people has become his outlet for helping others. His method of training for day to day life powers his programming and teaching habits, and because his desire to train comes from a childhood focus, he puts an emphasis on having some fun and enjoying yourself.  This, mixed with his relentless positivity and corny humor, power his ability to relate to clients and keep them relaxed. 

Along the way, Julian grew mystified at how much incorrect information was being passed around the fitness and health industries, and then angered by a culture searching for quick fixes, one trick cures, and over medication. His inner vigilante drove him to provide as much free information as possible in an effort to reach more people.

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Lydia is a villain, so why they let her work at Everyday SUPERHERO Training is a mystery.

Lydia studied modern dance as a teenager in Manhattan. That was where she first learned the joys of working in a physical discipline. In 2011 Lydia joined Seattle’s premier, banked track, roller derby league. Through roller derby she learned to train, eat, and think like an athlete. Her team dominated the league, winning back to back championships.

Lydia has had a life long love of food. Growing up she worked on organic farms and competed in 4-H. She is now working on blending her love of food with her passion for fitness. She wants to share her knowledge with the hope that it will help her achieve world domination.